Membership Benefit Levels

Be part of our global community
Connect with like-minded, fun and experienced retirees from around the world
Make new friends, companionship and meet new travel buddies
Take an active part in the community discussion groups, exchange thoughts, skills and experiences
Meet in local communities, your town, your country and around the world
Access global members exclusive free courses - learn new skills and expand your hobbies
Access to all paid courses - keep yourself up to date and stimulating 
Educate yourself with interesting and insightful articles
Be heard, voice your feedback & share your stories
Stay up to date with new opportunities via our newsletter
Connect with like-minded others via our Social Media channels! Like us! Follow us!
Get access to private Facebook groups (exclusive invitation only)
Invitations to our 4Retirees members-only events
Understand your earning potentials to supplement your pension
Take part in our ‘Jobs Match’ program
Find out how many jobs you match with
Discover your total earning potential
Access the full list of your flexible job matches directly through your 4Retirees member account
Connect with the local flexible job providers, you matched with 
Learn how to sign up to start earning immediately
Learn how much you can potentially earn from each individual job opportunity
Receive our helpful hint & tips with strategies on how to earn more
Unlock your personal opportunities
Receive updates and information about new paid and volunteer local work opportunities regularly
Flexible job opportunities updated regularly so you continue to get more options
Quarterly personal check-in to help you expand and strategies your earning opportunities 
Participate in our community in paid work around the globe
Become a Digital Mentor and get paid for helping others learn
Become a Social Events & Activities Organiser, connect others and stay connected with people
Become a Articles, Blogs, Stories Writer in our community
Become a Business Development Ambassador in our community
Become a Social Media & Community Facilitator in our community
Altruistic global members have the opportunity to volunteer in our community
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